We seem to have deficits at every level in our society from the White House down to the average consumer and everything in between. Why is this? In my own personal life I develop debt when I spend more than I have. Anybody out there discover this same thing? It’s really very simple. I make X dollars each month. If I spend more than X dollars, I have a debt. I cannot blame anyone else for spending more than what I make. If I tried, I would think most people would tell me to shut up.

The solution to my debt is either 1) get a different job that pays more, 2) take on a second job so that again I have more money, 3) stop spending so much and learn to live within my means, or 4) go out and steal it from someone else.

Now in our federal government they seem to consistently pick number 4 and call it taxes. We have a huge federal debt and our pitiful government thinks cutting 60 billion is a start. The Democrats tend to use #4 as first line of defense. The Republicans attempt #3 but make such a pitiful attempt that nothing happens. They don’t have the guts to stand up for what is right. Very sad that both sides cannot balance the budget. One solution would be to vote every person out that 1) is a politician, 2) has been there more than one term, 3) votes to raise taxes, 4) doesn’t demonstrate to the public that a concerted effort is being made to pay down the debt.

The reason I am opposed to taxes is that it does not solve the problem. For government if they have a debt of say $100 and they tax us for that $100, we don’t see a reduction in the debt. Instead we end up with a debt of $200. So they raise taxes again and we give them $200 to pay down the debt. Instead of seeing debt reduction, these people spend again and we have a debt of $400.

There is a very simple principle here. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it. I don’t care how much they care about helping people. If we don’t have it, we don’t have it. That’s it.

Now let’s move down the chain to our schools. The same thing applies. I know in California they reprint textbooks like there is no tomorrow. How many times do we need to reprint a mathbook? Every time our California government votes for another politically correct stance for some ridiculous social topic, we have to print new books to reflect this. These books are not cheap. Why do we need to know that a particular person who did something good historically was gay? Is his gayness the reason he did something nice? I doubt it. My guess it had nothing to do with it at all. Instead of focusing on teaching our children how to think and have a coherent thought, we teach them social issues. This all costs the taxpayers money.

So the solution is the same for the schools as for the government. They don’t have the money then wait. Teachers should have to put in something to their own retirement and health care.

Government workers should receive nothing when the leave office if they have served less than 30 years at the same job. So if a congressman or a mayor or even the water board supervisor works just a couple of years, they get nothing except what was withheld from their pay. Why are we trying to make millionaires out of every tom, dick or harry that works for the government. It is not right. I pay for my own retirement and health care.

For education giving money to school districts is like flushing the money down the toilet. The same result comes from both.

We’ve lived in this fairy land bubble far too long. There is no money. Get over it and learn to do without. Our government officials have done a grand job of turning the US into a third world country.

I work in Papua New Guinea. If a child wants to go to school, the parents pay. There are no property taxes and income tax is at a minimum for the average person living in a village. So I watch them save money to send their kids to school. Those who save enough because they work hard, see their kids go to school. Those kids who screw around, spend their lives back in the village working the land. Not a band thing really because some kids just don’t like school and have no motivation to go. But here we have made that some kind of right.


Now I pay property taxes and state income taxes to fund some school that is more interested in helping girls have sex out of wedlock and then give them a free abortion (read kill the child to hide the evidence). I read what some people post for comments on the internet and am shocked that most cannot put together one complete sentence or thought. This is what our education system has done. Have we dumbed things down so far that we are producing a lot of halfwits from high school? College is really no better. Most are being taught leftist ideology instead of learning something useful that will make them productive citizens.

Do we need to really look further to see why we are in this state of debt? Our government

And yet a large part of the population still wants the government to baby feed them. When are we going to wean them? When are we going to say enough is enough and get rid of every last career politician and vote in some real leaders.

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