Let’s look at some of the facts concerning what is happening in Wisconsin:

1) Gov. Walker was elected by a majority under that platform that he would fix the State financial situation by changing public servants’ pay. He is now doing exactly as he said.

2) Teachers are paid from tax payer money.

3) Teachers receive free health care and don’t pay anything towards their own retirment.

4) Taxpayers in the middle class pay their own health care and most of their own retirement. In my case I pay all my health care and all of my own retirement.

5) The State of Wisconsin is broke and can’t afford to keep giving the teachers this incredible deal. So 3 routes 1) further tax the people or 2) lay off teachers or 3) cut some of ridiculously outrageous benefits teachers receive.

6) Walker, going on what he was elected to do, wants the teachers to pay 12% of their own retirement and a small amount for their own health care. He has stated that he is trying to avoid having to layoff teachers.

7) From this we might infer that the protestors don’t care about their colleagues getting laid off. Nor do they care about the taxpayers who can’t afford to be further taxed. In other words hardship is all right for the general public but the teachers do not deserve to have their pay touched except to increase it.

8) Democrats fled the State to avoid the democratic process. This sounds more like an adult tantrum. If a conservative did this the media would tear him to shreds.

My conclusion is that these people must be extremely greedy and self-centered. It shows an inconsideration for others. Our country is definitely sick and in trouble. People don’t care that it is on the brink. They seem to only care about themselves.

Some further thoughts:

When the congresswoman in Arizona was shot, there was no evidence the shooter was republican or conservative, yet pretty much all of the media outlets and liberals blamed conservatives because of their rhetoric. Where are the liberals now? I am hearing that there are death threats against the conservatives in Wisconsin. Those same media outlets are quite silent. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

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